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Where we started

Back in the 80’s, Charlie Brank loved experimenting with BBQ. He sought after old refrigerators and 80 gallon drums. Charlie would repurpose them into fire boxes that he experiment and hone his masterpiece recipes.

In the early 90’s, Charlie heard of the Baron of BBQ legend, Paul Kirk. He signed up to take one of Mr. Kirk’s BBQ cooking classes. There he learned a few more tips and tricks.


Meanwhile, while Charlie was busy burning up old appliances and making magic outdoors, his wife Lori, was doing her part in the kitchen. Together they had a dream. Their vision for their family was a BBQ restaurant. Charlie’s part was the meat- Lori’s was the rest.

From all those hours in the kitchen became one of local’s favorite side dishes- Brank’s Cowboy Beans.

In 1992, the Brank family move to Sumner. As Charlie would drive down Main Street, he frequently passed a little building and would say things like- “That’s a good spot for a BBQ place”, and “Lord let us get that restaurant”.


In 1995, that little building became available for lease!

Charlie retired from building boats, a position he had held for 15 years. With help from friends and family, Brank’s BBQ & Catering opened it’s doors on November 27, 1995.

Through hard work and raising three kids on BBQ meals, God heard Charlie and Lori’s prayers and has continued to bless Brank’s BBQ.


In 2005 the restaurant relocated a couple miles north , into a sparsely populated industrial community. Another season of unknown happenings and relearning systems all over again. You see we expanded on faith from 1,200 square feet to 4,000 square feet. In 2006, another 2,000 and to date, we are operating in a total of 8,000 square feet.

Now Charlie and Lori have passed much of the operations of the business to their three children- Jessica, Sarah and Preston.
We are evermore grateful to our faithful customers and community who have supported us and assisted in our dream that became a reality.

We consider it an honor to serve you!